American Writers Museum

The American Writers Museum is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of American writers by exploring their influence on history, identity, culture, and our daily lives. Northern Light produced four major media programs for this museum, located on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

Two programs are projection-based, including an orientation fillm that is projection mapped onto a dimensional map of the United States. The other projected piece is the Word Waterfall,a two-wall immersive installation that uses animated text and imagery to convey how different authors have written about the meaning of America.

Northern Light also created two touchscreen interactives: a single-user kiosk that allows visitors to learn about literary themes from noted scholars, and a Featured Works interactive, developed on a 4K Ideum pano multi-user table for up to eight visitors at a time, allowing them to delve into select works ranging from children’s literature to plays, speeches, and classics of fiction.