First Division Museum

Northern Light created media for a new 2,500-square foot exhibit at the First Division Museum, a redesign commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First Division of the Army. This exhibit brings the division's story to the present by addressing the fifty years since the Vietnam War, organized thematically rather than chronologically.

Among the exhibit media elements is a live-action virtual reality film that reproduces for museum visitors the experience of being with a team of soldiers making a night raid on a high value target. Visitors take a seat in a Blackhawk helicopter in the center of the exhibit and put on an Oculus Rift headset. They are transported to Iraq with a unit of the First Infantry Division, sitting in the helicopter as it lands and then continuing through an Iraqi compound on foot in search of a target.

In another immersive exhibit visitors take a seat in a Bradly fighting vehicle, surrounded by monitors on four sides, as an actual operation from Dessert Storm called Objective Norfolk plays out, accompanied by an audiotrack of original radio transmissions from the battle.