National Infantry Museum

We recently produced a variety of immersive exhibit media for the Armor and Cavalry gallery at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. Visitors to the exhibit are met with a 12’ by 10’ projected video which creates a powerful, visceral threshold experience that draws visitors into the space. Two ambient audio programs within the exhibit bring historic battle experiences to life. Video projections in the gallery include WWI battle scenes and a video that integrates an interior view of a Sherman tank and its crew into a larger exterior model on the wall.

An interactive touch table introduces visitors to the War Department’s 1841 Cavalry Tactics drill manual, animating historic plates to display cavalry maneuvers. A second interactive, housed in a 65” multi-touch table, highlights the role of U.S. armored forces in Europe during the Cold War. This highly interactive experience, which includes 3D map overlays, a timeline, and touchable “hotspots,” was designed to accommodate and encourage interaction between multiple users.