Northern Light Productions offers interactive capabilities to support the entire development process from design and discovery through quality assurance and installation.

Our interactive process grows from our commitment to thoughtful storytelling and embrace of complexity and nuance. We thrive on translating content into experiences that balance discovery and delight in service of the "ah-ha" moments we've always known how to capture.


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Tech Museum

We produced eight interactives for Cyber Detectives, the first museum exhibit in North America about cyber security. Working together, users acquire skills on topics ranging from the structure of the Internet, to the anatomy of a strong password, to concepts in creative coding. All interactives feature barcode scanners that read and write information to a users' profile stored on a museum API which can be accessed during the cumulative exhibit experience and by visitors at home via the museum's website.


American Writers Museum

Two interactives at the American Writers Museum
allow visitors to explore a curated selection of film content, archival documents, historical images and scholarly lectures relating to specific works and themes of American literature. Since its crucial that the experiences be flexible and updatable, the interactives allow museum curators to add content as needed through a simple administrative interface.

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Strong National Museum of Play

For the Toy Halls of Fame we created numerous interactives featuring motion-recognition technology such as Kinect and Leap Motion, encouraging users to participate in physical activities. Other programs help introduce younger audiences to classic toys by enhancing physical objects with interactive technology, such as a larger than life Etch-a-Sketch that draws users' portraits with facial recognition software and a custom algorithm, and a row of giant crayons that emit light and sound based on a visitor’s physical movements.


National Purple Heart Hall of Honor

At the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor we created a set of interactives that feature hours of oral histories from dozens of veterans, organized and catalogued by name, theme, era and military branch. This allows visitors to find just what they’re looking for, or explore the library more leisurely.