Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: Ocean Hall

The largest renovation in the museum’s century-long history, this project comprises an entire hall off the main rotunda of the museum. Using a variety of media, including data visualizations, animated images, and video footage, the exhibit explains many of the complex aspects of the ocean. Northern Light produced the majority of the media pieces in the Ocean Hall, ranging from short films on specific subjects like oceanic bioluminescence to a longer film about underwater deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

One highlight of the exhibition is the 16-minute production entitled “Science on a Sphere.” This room-sized 360-degree display utilizes 4 synchronized computers and 4 large projectors to display media about the Earth and its ocean onto a six-foot diameter sphere.



“So much can be learned here… the Ocean Hall makes the sea change in museum life look promising.”

–The New York Times

“The ease in which Northern Light works with the team, grasps the concepts, and leads the creative direction has made all twelve of the video pieces foremost enjoyable and visually compelling, but also highly effective in the delivery of major messages.”

–Jill Johnson
  Exhibit Developer