San Juan National Historic Site

Northern Light Productions produced one 27-minute and one 10-minute interpretive film for San Juan National Historic Site in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With extensive original cinematography, reenactments, and 3D animation, the fillm tells the story of the historic forts of San Juan and bring the park’s history to life for visitors to this National Park Service site.

The films invite viewers to explore San Juan and its surrounding fortifications, which span five centuries and have witnessed the rise and fall of the Spanish empire and the subsequent rise of the United States. The shifting tides of world power shaped San Juan, leaving its fortifications as testimony to its place as prized territory. Once considered the key to the New World, the structures comprising the San Juan National Historic Site now play an invaluable role in unlocking its military, social and political history.

3 short web-based programs accompany the orientation film and focus on current topics of interest around the site such as El Passeo, a newly constructed walkway circumnavigating the main fort; and restoration of El Cañuelo, a smaller (but strategically important) fortification across the harbor.