International Spy Museum

Opened in 2002, this museum now includes more than 60 media elements. Northern Light Productions has produced nearly all of the audiovisual media for this museum.

This media includes multi-screen videos, theater-projected orientation films, object theater installations, exhibit videos, soundscapes, oral histories, and retail support videos. The subject matter is both historical and contemporary and deals with national and international espionage history. One program about D-Day highlighted the subterfuge that the Allies used to prevent the Nazis from learning where the invasion was to take place. Another program, Briefing Film, highlighted contributions of the espionage community to national security.

More recently, we created six looping videos and one looping audio piece for the final exhibit of the International Spy Museum, entitled Weapons of Mass Disruption. This media shows how a team of cyber spies, terrorists, or criminals can turn power lines into battle lines, by bringing down the nation’s entire power grid. We also produced over 30 videos profiling intelligence experts for the 2012 exhibit, Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains.



“The International Spy Museum... does what it intends to do, which is make you think a little bit, and make your heart beat a lot faster.”

–The Washington Post