National Toy Hall of Fame

Northern Light Productions created a variety of exhibit media to rejuvenate the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum of Play. We produced linear media, several interactive programs, and provided hardware, lighting, and show control programming. The interactives included a Kinect driven experience in which users mimic fast-paced, full body challenges involving roller skates and hulla hoops; a touchscreen activity where users create a custom toy from pieces of Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, GI Joe and others; an interactive program which draws the users face on a larger-than-life Etch-A-Sketch powered by a custom algorithm, and a Leap Motion controlled set of sensors housed in a giant box of crayons that translates users' hand movement into light and sound. 

The largest interactive in the hall is an 18-monitor, Kinect driven program called Bubble Tower. Here, users can interact with animated bubbles on a colossal screen and manipulate their surroundings with a variety of intuitive gestures. The Bubble Tower won Gold in the 2016 City Design Awards.