Natural History Museum of Utah

Northern Light Productions created three audio programs and seven video programs to communicate the breadth of Utah’s fascinating culture. This media mixes reverence for the state’s indigenous people with the state’s modern way of life. The five-screen program Native Voices explores contemporary questions of identity and tradition through the eyes of individuals representing Utah’s many native peoples. The program won a Gold MUSE Award in 2012. We also produced a program on the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry that combines animation, interviews, and footage of scientists in the field.

Originated in 4K, the footage brings vibrant life and color to topics ranging from Utah’s ancient ecosystems and Utah’s first peoples to cutting-edge science in the areas of biogeography and genetics. Our immersive audio environments share native legends passed down through many generations, while also introducing issues of current concern like environmental sustainability.



“Beautifully shot and skillfully edited, this production captivates the viewers’ attention throughout the entire program and generates powerful reactions and a new sense of understanding and appreciation.”

–Gold MUSE Award Committee review