Virginia Historical Society

Northern Light Productions designed and produced 13 media programs for the “Story of Virginia,” the Virginia Historical Society’s keystone exhibit on Virginia’s rich and extensive history.

Interactive media is at the heart of the new exhibit: a set of eight updateable touchscreen “Story Extractors” provide visitors with a passport to explore the VHS’ robust collections of artifacts and documents. A two-screen interactive program pairs a touchscreen with a four-foot-wide circular projection to explore the role Virginians played in the founding of the United States.

A separate two-screen interactive uses maps to illustrate the captivating regional and national dynamics that led Virginia and the U.S. through the antebellum period to the brink of the Civil War. Ambient audio pieces include a “new world” nature-scape and a 1920s-era radio program housed in a salvaged Richmond streetcar. The experience culminates with a signature three-screen film installation in a theater setting nestled within the exhibit’s final gallery – a poetic, cinematic ode to Virginia’s storied past and promising future.