Woodrow Wilson Center

The Woodrow Wilson Center is a living memorial to President Wilson where visitors can encounter the history of his presidency, examine personal artifacts, and explore the legacy of Wilsonian philosophy and practice.

Two interactives offer the centerpiece experience for exploring this era as well as its connections to today’s work at the Wilson Center. A timeline interactive enables visitors to explore each year of Wilson’s presidency and provides links that can be emailed to provide more in-depth material related to specific subjects, such as Women’s Suffrage or The League of Nations. Visual presentations of artifacts and speeches are included.

The Legacy interactive provides video introductions to six areas of interest in which scholars at the Wilson Center study and develop programs that advance many of the ideals of Wilson. There are 32 scholar videos that provide brief insights into the work of the Center and visitors can respond to questions about policy issues and see how their response compares to that of other visitors.